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Making the choice to outsource key elements of a business operation is a major decision for most companies. Whilst on the face of it the decision may be commercially prudent, there are naturally concerns about letting go of core functions within the business and the potential effect on service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Will the outsourcer mirror our business ethos, understand our business proposition, treat our customers with the up-most respect and courtesy, and deliver improved efficiencies? How about cost savings and increased customer satisfaction? These are all questions you should be asking and more, because quite rightly handing over part or all of your customer contact can be a daunting process.


Here at Canongate Marketing, we understand these concerns because we have many years of experience of planning, transitioning, implementing, and managing outsourced customer management business on behalf of numerous "Blue Chip" companies. We work closely with our clients investing the time to understand their business process, goals and aspirations and then set in place a structured plan for successful account implementation and a blueprint for improvements, measured by agreed service levels and key performance indicators.


We are confident of our ability to deliver world class services because we excel at getting the core principles of running a successful contact centre operation right – People, Process and Technology. Each of these area’s require substantial investment, effective management and most importantly the knowledge of how to bring it all together and thus deliver on our client expectations.


Canongate Marketing provides the full range of outsourced customer contact solutions and we are experts at delivering intelligent customer contact services within both sales and customer service environments. Not only do we offer voice-based solutions but increasingly we are working with our clients to provide improved email response and web chat services. We have the technology, skills and expertise to ensure your customer contact is managed in the best and most efficient way.


We are always mindful that we represent your company and more often than not act as the first point of contact your customers have with your organisation.


Put simply, Canongate Marketing can help you make transformational improvements by increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and improving the overall customer experience


+34 952 06 20 30

“A marketer should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.” George Gribbin

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